Monday, 8 February 2016

New kidZONE Curriculum Overview

This past Sunday we debuted the brand new curriculum we'll be using at kidZONE on Sunday mornings- 252 BASICS! Because this is new, I wanted to give you a brief overview of what your kids do on Sunday mornings and to describe some of the great resources available to help your kids remember and apply the Bible lesson during the week.

Every Sunday morning when the kids head downstairs, we first lead them in several JUMP UP WORSHIP videos on the big screen. We do one "featured song' every Sunday in that month so that the kids will have a chance to really learn the words and actions through repetition. We also choose a second worship song out of our list of past favourites.  For this month (February, 2016) our featured song is 'The Greatest Commandment' by Hillsong Kids (video below).

After our worship time, all of the kids remain in the large group to watch the video teaching on the big screen. This is typically 10 minutes long and features a fun introduction, an animated Bible story or skit, and a wrap-up video that sums up what the story or skit was about. We focus on the same theme for the entire month (and the same memory verse-- see the picture). For this month (February, 2016) the theme is 'High Gear', where all the lessons focus on the importance of teamwork--working together to do the things that are important to God.

After the video teaching, kids will split off into age-specific small groups where they discuss the lesson and how it applies to everyday life. In their groups they will also play games and activities, make crafts, and pray together. During the prayer time, leaders ask kids how their week has been and give them an opportunity to pray for any requests they might have. It's so heart-warming to see kids praying for a sick person in their family or that a friend of theirs would come to know Jesus. During their kidZONE groups, kids are also offered a light snack, and if there is free time afterwards, can head out to the LEGO activity tables.

At the beginning of each month, parents will be given a Parent Cue sheet (see picture below) to give them an overview of the months theme and a list of the lessons and Bible verses we'll be focusing on that month. The sheet will also have the monthly memory verse on it. If you missed it at the start of the month, you can pick one up at the table as you leave the kidZONE area on Sunday mornings.

The monthly Parent Cue sheet will also feature some tips on how you can encourage your child or help them remember the lesson. For example, on the below card for Week 1's lesson, it encourages you to write the memory verse on a note and put it in your child's backpack or lunchbox to help them to cooperate with others at school.

Each Sunday, your child will bring home a GodTime sheet that contains four short devotions that can be used during the week. This is meant to teach children how to do personal devotions (reading the Bible, thinking about what it says and what it means for their lives, and even praying about it). Please encourage your children to take a few minutes to do their GodTime devotions during the week. For younger children who can't read on their own, parents can do it with them! They are very short and very simple, but again, help the kids remember the lesson from each week and give them ideas for how to apply it to their lives.

Another great resource is that your kids can watch the weekly videos at home! On Sunday mornings, we choose either the STORY (A storyteller using animation to tell the Bible story) or the MOVIE (a skit that depicts the Bible story), but never both. What that means is that, not only can your child watch the same video they saw at kidZONE during the week, but they can also watch the bonus STORY or MOVIE that they didn't see! Visit and click on "Fun2Watch" to watch the videos. Also on this site, you can find music videos, bonus videos, Bible stories, crafts, family fun ideas, and even recipes to do together as a family. And, of course, ALL of these things tie into the monthly theme!

I'm praying that all of these resources help you to have great conversations about the Bible with your kids and equip you to help them better understand and apply what they learn each week at kidZONE!

Pastor Ben

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